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How do you deal with the problems and challenges that come your way? If you feel stressed-out, burned-out, overloaded, uninspired and/or you want more meaning, awareness or adventure we have an exciting assortment of retreats, classes and seminars for you.
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We often get so absorbed by the problems and stresses that life throws at us that we lose sight of where we want to go. Sometimes we seek guidance from experts. At the Institute for Conscious Awareness we offer unique and customized ways to help people reclaim their passion, find balance and gain a better sense of direction and priorities.
Our organization offers classes, seminars and retreats to foster wholeness. We believe that self-improvement starts when people gain a deeper understanding of their human nature. Particularly, when we grasp that human beings have two sides to our nature, our animal side and the other is our spiritual side. By embracing who we are and learning more about these facets we can flourish.  We get a glimpse of the mystery and resources within our inner being. We also become balanced and more creative. In fact, by learning more about the actual habits, behaviors and reactions of other animals we shine a bright light on many of our own human conflicts and capabilities.
Dr. Adele von Rüst McCormick and Dr. Marlena Deborah McCormick, in their latest book Awakening to More: Life Lessons to Keep Us Grounded, Hopeful, and Prepared explore how we can become more fully human through engaging stories and narratives. They offer us practical wisdom for living. The life lessons in this recently released book will encourage your original and spontaneous edge and increase your sense of optimism, even during challenging times. By having Awakening To More and their other books handy you will discover an uplifting and robust outlook on life.
They will be glad to respond to any queries you might have about the retreats or classes. If you purchase a copy of their books they will be also happy to answer any questions and they welcome feedback from their readers.

  1. Finally. Searching for the right training for my beloved Andalusian mares, over the years I’ve studied many training schemes – western, “natural horsemanship”, and dressage. But here, at last, I found training for the body, mind and soul for all three of us. “What does this horse need?” Deborah asked me. “What structures of the psyche does he need to develop in order to be collected and composed?” I was thunderstruck. During the Equine Experience, I learned concepts never ever considered by me in past training, but concepts deeply rooted in sound developmental theory, the classical masters and Celtic tradition. And by the way, the horses clearly showed me that I need to develop and strengthen some psychic structures of my own. What a week! I still can’t wipe the smile off my face.”

    Stephanie - Minnesota

  2. "I am forever grateful for the week I spent with the McCormick’s at their beautiful ranch in San Antonio, Texas. My mind expanded in ways I didn't know existed. Not only did I come away with a deeper understanding of myself, I also came away with a new wealth of knowledge about horses, psychology and spirituality. The McCormick's work holds a groundedness and unique wealth of knowledge that isn't available anywhere else in the world. They are the equine worlds best kept secret! If you are looking to go deeper into yourself and the psychology of horses and people - The Equine Experience at Hacienda Tres Aguilas is where it's at!"

    Jennifer - Canada