Online Study Courses

Online Study Courses
  • Psychospiritual Analysis Certification: An Apprenticeship Program-18 months. 
                                            A Training Program for Individuals Who Want to Study our Method.

This Independent Study Course spans 18 months and will consist of three integrated components; dynamic psychology, spirituality and the equestrian arts /studies as a unique way to promote human development, advancement and leadership.  You do not need to know about horses to participate. However, the lessons gained from understanding the nature of horses, and exploring the various ways enlightened cultures for centuries have used the equine to benefit and inspire humanity will not only be educational but valuable and practically applicable to the work you do in your individual settings.
Our unique method is born of rigor and substance, based upon years of experience and study. We designed this Psycho-spiritual Analysis Course with these building blocks in mind so our apprentices (students) leave with a foundation built upon more than just “feelings and opinions.” Philosophically, we not only believe in experiential lessons but academic ones as well, which stress content as much as process.
We give you theory and practice so you can think critically, philosophically and act creatively. We give you assigned and structured study materials, readings and assignments.
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A 3 month On-Line Course

This ICA on-line course will take you to the crossroads of psychology, philosophy and spirituality. At this intersection each discipline explores the human condition, the dynamics of human nature, the heart of nature and our place in the cosmos. In our highly technical world this course will give you an opportunity to contemplate life, the world we live in and understand the power of one’s subjective reality. It is intended to speak to our creative human impulse and give individuals an opportunity to pursue the age old call to action...Know thyself. This kind of education encourages human beings to foster their higher nature and gain more passion and discernment.

Besides readings you will be given experiential exercises so you can put many of these lessons into action. Our hope is to introduce you to an adventure that challenges human beings to live an ordinary life with an extraordinary perception. The ultimate quest is to become more fully human and savor our experiences.

  • Theoretical Teachings and Wisdom in the Equestrian Arts.-3 month online.
We explore many of the classical theories and wisdom discovered over the centuries that can help guide a modern rider, trainer or handler’s practices and techniques. In our era, it is often more about just practice. However, without knowledge practice is much more difficult and confusing. So, instead of simply following techniques and recipes by rote, learning about what the masters have to say helps horsemen and women base their decisions about what to do with a horse on sound overriding principles.
The method fosters sensitive practices and more refined communication, along with one driving force… turn riders into thinking riders and horses into thinking horses. It is relationship oriented. It is not based upon recipes, but using one’s mind and heart.  It also gives you an understanding that horsemanship is not just a physical pursuit, but a philosophical one, because it calls upon the horseman or woman to consider what actions and forces within the relationship create harmony; and which incite dissonance. These are universal laws.

Ask about our Various Seminars

  • Celtic Warrior Women: An Inner Archetype for the 21st Century. A Leadership Model for Women.

  • Ancient Wisdom for Modern Day Living:
Where the Roads of Celtic and Eastern Wisdom Cross.

  • Monastery of the Mind TM 
Training in Silence. A New Path to Develop Intuition, Confidence and Empathy.