In-Person Classes and Retreats

In-Person Classes and Retreats
  • Personal and/or Professional Development ClassesIndividual or Group

  • The Equine ExperienceTM: 2 or 3 day Retreat (Individuals, Groups and/or Corporations).
        Work with Horses for Self-Discovery, Personal Enrichment and Leadership.

  • Horses and the Mystical Path: A Spiritual Course: 2 or 3 day private Retreat. (Individuals, Groups and/or Corporations).
        Discover why the ancient Celts worked with horses as soul friends and how we can benefit from these enlightening encounters     
        today. Learn about their advanced ideas.

  • Battle Ready for Life: 2 or 3 day Retreat. (Individuals, Couples, Families and Groups). Sometime life doesn’t go our way or it throws obstacles in our path. Being ready allows us to enjoy the peaks and remain strong in the valleys. Why wait?

  • Awakening to More: 1, 2 or 3 day Course. (Individuals, Groups and/or Corporations).
        Learn to Stay Grounded, Hopeful and Prepared. Gain a More Spiritual and Psychological Outlook on Life.

  • Intensive Horsemanship Course: 1, 2 or 3 Day Course, (Individuals or Groups). Your Mindset Matters: A Unique Collection of Tools, Equestrian theories to improve your riding, training, teaching and/or communication skills.  

                                                               Group seminars on the topics above can be given as well upon request .