About Us

The Institute for Conscious Awareness is a nonprofit organization for human development, advancement and leadership. The directors are trained in psychodynamic-developmental psychology, spirituality, perennial philosophy and the mind-body connection. Their education has been unique and spanned the globe. Drs. McCormick are also experts in the equestrian arts and breeders of fine horses. Three Eagles Ranch, Ltd. is a breeding and training facility for Spanish-blooded Peruvian horses and a nature preserve in the beautiful Texas hill Country 20 minutes north of historic San Antonio. Seeing this line of champion horses in motion is pure poetry and the experience transports people into a realm of beauty where the troubles of the world seem to momentarily vanish. The ranch is a place to find inner peace, growth and creativity. Pioneers in Equine Therapy the Drs. McCormick love finding new ways to help people feel more alive and teach them how to soar. They began exploring the healing and enlightening connection between people and animals in the 70’s. After decades of studying human and animal psychology the McCormick’s have found that nature grounds us, horses unveil truths, all animals teach us life lessons; and human nature can be nurtured by these experiences along with other creative ventures. The courses we offer aim to not only teach people to wake people up but wise up.


Our Philosophy about Working with Horses
Horse Sense is more than you think. It is practical down-to-earth wisdom and instinct for living and relating to others. It fosters inner passion, empathy, caring and leadership.
When you learn to work and/or ride from a ‘still place’ your heart will connect with the heart and rhythms of nature.  You will understand how to live more sensitively and sensually.

Horses are healing to human beings as we learn to listen. When we do they reveal truths to us about our inner and outer nature, personalities, the cosmos and life in general. In their presence you can learn to cultivate your talents and identify your blocks. You also discover ideas to promote wellness and enriched living, including methods to boost your own heart and keenness of mind. By learning to decompress, relax and shift your mindset in the company of a horse you will find a new kind of vitality.  You can see horse sense in action by watching training, learning to ride or doing ground work. You do not need to have experience with horses because we help you learn what they are communicating.

The horse is not just a creature of strength, beauty and power but is highly connected to the life force. As a result, they help us develop our own spirit and become more empowered. A relationship with this noble creature can bring a sense of enchantment back into your life.