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Why not enrich your mind and spirit? While some people go on vacations to de-stress or buy something new we have another option. Try our Equine ExperienceTM retreats and/or Awakening to More classes for self-discovery. In our fast paced age we are blitzed by information which can zap our creativity. Therefore, we can benefit from getting off the fast track once in a while and take a time out to deepen our lives and reflect upon our direction. Otherwise we tend to go on autopilot or run on empty.  Everyone has talents. In our classes, seminars and retreats you will learn more about yours and how to cultivate the gifts you have.

We have also found that spending quality time in nature with horses and other animals gives people an extra boost. It helps us recharge and become more passionate. It reminds us that life is a mystery, not a problem. In our programs, you can let us know if you want to work with horses or simply benefit from being in nature’s sanctuary.  It is your choice.

We not only find nature to be healing but gaining wisdom about life. Therefore, you will also be introduced to ideas from dynamic psychology and spiritual teachings and practices that can renew your spirit and offer you unique ways of coping. Navigating though the world takes discernment and street smarts. Our educational opportunities are intended to give you tools for quality living.
We all need reminding not to take things for granted. We must remember that our mindset matters, our lifestyle matters, spirituality matters, our relationships matter, nature and the animals matter, as does our personal and professional development. Moreover, how we chose to spend our time is important. So consider taking time for yourself or your group to make new discoveries.

We have many philosophies that are unique. For example, seeing our problems as a problem is a problem. Why not awaken to more? Instead of trying to control or fix life, prepare to handle and enjoy what comes your way. Get out of your head, into your heart without losing your mind. Life is exciting and self-discovery, along with exploring the mysteries that are all around us, can enhance our entire being.  

For those of you who are not able to take a class in person, come on a retreat or take an online course read our books to be inspired. They are groundbreaking and good for the soul. Our latest is Awakening to More: Life Lessons to Keep Us Grounded, Hopeful, and Prepared. Our other two are Horse Sense and the Human Heart and Horses and the Mystical path.

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